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Pizza Oven Cooking Wood

You’ll want to use fully seasoned hard wood such as oak, apple, pecan, cherry, or maple. Wet wood smokes a lot more than seasoned wood and will give the pizza an odd smokey flavor. Avoid resinous softwoods such as pine or spruce. Pizza Oven wood is cut to 16″ length and split into small pieces with a 2″ diameters.

Different types of wood give foods different flavors. Here’s an overview of how each type of wood affects different foods.

Apple & Pear: Nice and subtle fruity flavor, very light smoke.
Cherry: Similar to Apple with a stronger fruit flavor
Maple: Mellow smoke fragrance, subtle sweetness
Pecan: Sweet and mild with a flavor similar to hickory, but not as strong
Oak: Strong smokey flavor, but not overpowering like Hickory and Walnut