Cherry Cooking Wood

Cherry TreeCherry Wood is best used for grilling or smoking poultry and pork. It usually gives lighter meats a pinkish-red to dark-brown tint. Gives food a mild smokey taste and gives meats a sweet fruity flavor. It mixes well with oak and apple.

Cherry Trees have reddish brown bark and are usually between 6′ and and 40′ tall. There are fruit-bearing, non-flowering Cherry trees and flowering Cherry trees. Only non-flowering Cherry trees should be used for Cooking Wood.


Identifying a Cherry Tree

  • Mature cherry trees are usually around 20′ but can reach as high as 35′. Cherry leaves have five small red glands on the tips.
  • The bark should be smooth and reddish brown turning darker as the tree ages. Look for clusters of white or pink blossoms.
  • There are 5 petals on each flower. When a cherry tree is in full bloom, you usually can’t see anything but the blossoms.