Hickory BBQ Cooking Wood

Hickory Cooking Wood - Raleigh, Wake ForestHickory Wood gives meat the strongest smoke flavor of all cooking woods. Hickory is great with beef and pork, but its strong flavor complements most meats.

Hickory Wood is usually mixed with other woods, not used alone. Using Hickory alone gives meat a smoky flavor that some people find overwhelming. It is usually mixed with other cooking woods to add more smoke flavor. Most commonly with less smokey cooking woods such as Apple, Cherry, Pecan, and Sugar Maple.

Identifying a Hickory Tree

  • Hickory Tree bark is light to dark brown, turning more plate-like as the tree matures.
  • Leaves are dark green to yellow green, and grow in pairs perpendicular to the stalk (rachis).
  • Hickory Trees always have an odd number of leaves ranging from 7 – 11 leaves per stalk.