Maple Cooking Wood

Maple Cooking Wood - Raleigh, Wake ForestMaple Wood produces a mildly sweet, medium smoky taste. Best for cooking chicken and pork with vegetables. Different types of Maple Trees give meat different flavors.

Sugar Maple is most the most commonly used type of Maple tree used for cooking wood. Some types of Maples, such as the Silver Maples, give meat a less sweet taste. Mix with Oak or Hickory to give meat a more smoky flavor.


Identifying a Sugar Maple Tree

  • Sugar Maples are usually around 70′ – 100′ tall with gray-brown bark that turns from smooth to plate-like as the tree matures.
  • Leaves are 3″ – 5″ long, dark-green with five lobes. The veins on the underside may be slightly hairy.
  • Leaves turns yellow to red during Fall and the flowers of the sugar maple are small and yellow-green during Springtime.