Pecan Cooking Wood

Pecan Cooking WoodPecan Cooking Wood gives meat a sweet, medium fruity, slightly nutty taste with a medium smoky flavor. It is great with beef, chicken, and especially pork ribs. Pecan is one of the more popular grilling & smoking woods used by competition level professionals.

Pecan Wood burns cooler giving more time for slow cooking meat. Meat cooked with Pecan is juicier with more flavor. It is great for cooking larger pieces of meat or meat that takes longer to cook like briskets and pork roasts.

Identifying a Pecan Tree

  • Pecan trees are up to 100′ tall, and up to 7′ in diameter. Bark is rough grained, gray, and has horizontal lines of hole from woodpecker and insects.
  • Leaves are a yellow green, 12″ – 20″ long, with saw-toothed edges. There are usually 9 to 15 leaflets on each leaf of a pecan tree.
  • Pecan trees first produce oblong shaped male flowers and star-shaped cup female flowers. Look for pecan nuts have light brown smooth skin.